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LULUA ALHIBAR Company offers a unique and professional package of services and solutions in the field of vehicle and personnel tracking and fleet management solutions and Smart Security designed specifically to suit the activity and business of individuals and companies across all sectors.

Our services include:

- Tracking trucks and vehicles of all kinds for individuals and companies

LULUA ALHIBAR Company provides outstanding trackers with great capabilities installed on vehicles of all kinds that provide you with accurate tracking of vehicles in the form of instantaneous reports of the vehicle's location in real-time. This service fits customers who want to track the vehicle instantaneously and continuously with the ability to keep and watch the vehicle's path fully and instantly on the map.

This service offers you:

  • Current Vehicle Location Display
  • Ride Details
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Working conditions and hours
  • Speed Overflow Alerts
  • Vehicle movement direction
  • Direct vehicle tracking or multiple vehicles
  • Comprehensive detailed vehicle status reports
- Fleet Tracking and Management Service

LULUA ALHIBAR Company provides you with advanced tracking devices with technologies that integrate GSM, GPS, and GIS technologies that help you track and manage an entire fleet of vehicles accurately and immediately without any hassle.

This service offers you:

  • Live view of all vehicles on the map
  • Direct tracking of all vehicles
  • Date of Ride
  • Distance traveled
  • Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Software
  • Licensed Digital Maps
  • Fuel level tracking and fuel consumption
  • Keep vehicles and drivers safe using comprehensive maintenance tools and accident detection feature
  • Protect fleets from theft using the remotely stop vehicle feature
  • Managing the productivity of fleets and drivers
- Tracking Service for Children

LULUA ALHIBAR Company provides child trackers that allow parents to know their children's location through text messages that reach the phone as well as by linking it to a mobile app and allowing parents to contact and text the child where these devices depend on tracking the child's path and the places he frequents. It presented his current position directly, thereby contributing to the protection of children from abductions and the provision of comprehensive protection for children.

- Personalized tracking services

LULUA ALHIBAR Company provides custom tracking devices for individuals in all sectors, which are specially designed to meet the needs of all customers across different sectors, where it features high precision tracking and positioning techniques making them ideal for individual and personal use (individuals, students, workers, transport and shipping personnel, etc.)

- Smart Security Services

LULUA ALHIBAR Company is unique in offering a large and unique segment of smart security services which are specially designed to make your life easier and safer, such as:

Surveillance cameras

LULUA ALHIBAR company has surveillance cameras equipped with the latest security surveillance technology, photography, and accurate recording of places required to be protected and monitored with the feature of live recording and access to cameras from anywhere online with ease and immediately.

Security doors and gates

LULUA ALHIBAR company offers you a wide range of security doors and gates with the best security devices and protection against penetration and theft It features electronic login and exit systems that operate with sophisticated systems, ensuring that control over those who pass through these doors or allow certain people to enter and exit, with the advantage of knowing a comprehensive record of those passing through these doors which helps you to protect and secure.

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