We Provide The Best Service
Using Our Tools

We offers a unique and professional package of services and solutions in the
field of vehicle and personnel tracking and fleet management solutions and
Smart Security designed specifically to suit the activity and business of
individuals and companies across all sectors.

Saving 50% Operational Time


30% Operational Cost


20% Fuel


Increase Fleet Lifetime By 20%

LULUA ALHIBAR Company is an Iraqi company which is specialized in vehicle and personnel tracking, fleet management solutions, and smart security services in Iraq.
With a great experience of success and excellence for a large number of projects, LULUA ALHIBAR Company has become one of the fastest growing and developing providers in the field. With a highly experienced and skilled professional team and a selection of the best experts and specialists in vehicle and personnel tracking and fleet management solutions, LULUA ALHIBAR has been able to make itself a unique private entity amidst many other companies in the region.
LULUA ALHIBAR's business strategy is based on four key factors in delivering its vehicle and personnel tracking services and solutions which are: quality, professionalism, accuracy, and speed.
We work at LULUA ALHIBAR Company as success partners for our customers, which makes us well interested in providing accurately designed tracking services and solutions to achieve our partners' goals and solve their problems with smart solutions and enable them with high-quality solutions and services.
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